What we do

Our platform enables cloud providers to deliver a carrier-grade communication service, without the need for carrier infrastructure.

Our platform enables providers to deliver their services using phone or mobile numbers that are local to their customers. Importantly, we enable numbers to be transferred away (‘ported’) from an incumbent. This ensures cloud providers can scale beyond their home market. Numbers are the keystone to all communication services, and therefore, the primary driver of our business growth.

Our in-country infrastructure enables providers to offer national coverage in Australia and New Zealand. Direct inbound and outbound routing ensures higher quality and lower cost. This is a significant competitive advantage, allowing providers to offer premium services.

Providers can easily replace PSTN lines with digital phone services (‘SIP Trunks’). These digital phone lines can be configured to work with any phone number and have no physical limitations. Allowing cloud providers to provide a device-agnostic service.

Toll fraud and SPAM calling can cause damage to the reputation of a carrier or communication service provider. Our platform includes advanced traffic monitoring capabilities to assist in detecting fraud and abuse. Helping providers to protect their revenue and brand, and delivering a better experience for end customers.

Our product suite includes a range of resale-ready White-label services that communication providers can rebrand and sell. These turnkey products make it quick and easy to launch competitive services and add new revenue.

White-label services include SMB cloud phone systems, mobile services (MVNO) and data services (NBN). Services can be easily managed through portals and APIs, with optional modules for integrated billing and compliance.