Diversity & Inclusion

We believe our diverse backgrounds and unique experiences propel our innovation and success

We're committed to inclusivity

At MNF Group, we're committed to creating a workplace that allows our people to work and feel their best. Our mission is to foster an environment of belonging and empowerment, where our employees feel valued for what they bring to work. We believe that diversity is central to innovation - both as individuals and as a company – and that inclusion is the key to unlocking this potential.

MNF at a glance

20 - 74

Our company age range

63% male, 36% female and 1% non-binary


Fluently speak, read or write in another language

49% have regular childcare responsibilities


Diversity & Inclusion members

19% of our Technology Team are women

Company data as of June 2020

Helen Fraser

General Counsel

"Diversity and inclusion has been part of MNF Group’s DNA from its beginning and is something we have sought to bring even greater awareness to in the past 18 months.

We're proud of our varied achievements in this space over the years, whether that's helping to champion award-winning female leaders, introducing a comprehensive paid parental leave scheme, providing flexible working options for our employees or simply holding internal events in order to start thought-provoking conversations.

We pride ourselves on our diverse workforce and our inclusive culture and we look forward to rolling out even more initiatives in this space going forward."

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Diversity and unique experiences are the backbone to our success

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