Business Segments

The MNF Group operates two Business Units, Wholesale and Direct. The Wholesale Business Unit is managed as two segments, Domestic Wholesale and Global Wholesale, reflecting the different markets and product suites of each segment.


The Wholesale Business Unit provides voice and communications capabilities including phone numbers, voice carriage services and telco cloud services.

Global wholesale

Global Wholesale

Global Wholesale customers are predominantly international UCaaS, CPaaS and CCaaS vendors, software and app developers and global telecom providers.

Key products include phone numbers; inbound and outbound voice (CTS); international voice; and toll fraud mitigation.

Global Wholesale services are typically sold through Symbio Networks and TNZI.

Domestic wholesale

Domestic Wholesale

Domestic Wholesale customers are predominantly Retail Service Providers (RSPs), Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and IT companies in Australia or New Zealand.

Key products include phone numbers; inbound and outbound voice (CTS); telco billing software; and white label telco services.

Domestic Wholesale services are typically sold through subsidiary brands Symbio Networks, iBoss and Telcoinabox.


The Direct Business Unit provides cloud phone, mobile, conferencing and collaboration services directly to Enterprise and Government, small business and residential customers.

Enterprise & Government

Enterprise & Government

Our Enterprise & Government segment provides mission-critical infrastructure and UCaaS enablement for large public and private agencies.

Key products include phone numbers; Cisco Webex and Webex Contact Center; and Microsoft Teams (Direct Routing).

These customers are served through the MNF Enterprise brand in Australia and New Zealand, and Supernet in Singapore.

Small Business & Residential

Small Business & Residential

Our small business and residential segments help Australians switch to modern cloud phone and mobile technologies.

Key products include phone numbers; cloud PBX and conferencing; and home phone and mobile.

Small business customers are served by Connexus and Express Virtual Meetings, while residential customers are served by MyNetFone.